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Our Colossal Argentinian Red Shrimp are AWESOME
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Our Colossal Argentinian Red Shrimp are AWESOME

Mfg# AwesomeShrimp

AwesomeShrimp (aka our colossal Argentinian red shrimp) feature a natural salty and briny flavor that makes them taste like bay scallops or lobster. Grown in the cooler, deeper Argentinian waters of the Atlantic, where sweet spartina grass grows that makes “Wild Red Shrimps” (aka, “Patagonian King Prawn”) the sweetest tasting shrimp in the world, as compared with the softer red shrimp raised in shallower, warmer Gulf waters.

These colossal shrimp are sized “U15”, meaning less than 15 to the pound, are all natural, and caught in the wild instead of raised on farms, so they receive no genetic modifications or antibiotics. Approximately 22 to 28 raw, deveined shrimp per 2 lb. bag.

List Price: $33.00
Price: $30.00

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