Our Hogs

Wilson’s Prairie View Farm sells breeding stock throughout the nation. Our production is totally monitored for health on the farm. We are SPF and Clean Start certified. We’ve been in the purebred pork industry for over 50 years. We take pride in the fact that our animals are healthy enough to meet research standards, yet hardy enough to thrive in a farm environment.

We have been doing in-house collecting and breeding for over 20 years, which enables us to assure the purebred quality of our herds. One of the many ways we control quality is by testing all breeding lines for stress before they are introduced to the herd. At Wilson’s Prairie View Farm we are stress negative.

Our genetic results have gained our pigs international acclaim. Our elite breeds have been selected for purchase by producers in China, where pork standards are ranked amongst the strictest in the world. We are the only SPF certified farm in Wisconsin.


Universally known for leanness:
PUREBRED LANDRACE GILTS – Very productive in grandparent, excel in milk production.

  • Ole
  • Pocket
  • Eric Steam Engine
  • Trapp
Known for rate of gain and all breeding programs
HAMPSHIRE – Excellent in making F1, HxL, or HxY.

  • USA Lean
  • Fjord
  • Quality
  • Demonstrator
  • Rangler
  • Canada
Maternal Line
DUROC – Used in grandparent program bred to white boar.

  • Facts
  • Ume
  • Viking
  • Gustason
  • Perfect 10
  • American
  • Express
Maternal Line

  • Barsk
  • Imperial
  • Miisku
  • Karpstorp
  • Dunn